Why and how to cut down a tree in your garden?

Having trees in your garden can be advantageous. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they can also protect you from curious neighbors and prying eyes. Sometimes, however, you may need to consider cutting down trees. And since not everyone can be a lumberjack, you will most likely need to hire a professional to cut down a tree in your garden.

In what situations should tree felling be considered?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider tree cutting on your property.  The first is safety.  An old or diseased tree can be a real danger to you, your family, passers-by, your home or other properties around you.  Bad weather can take its toll and cause it to fall. To prevent such a situation, you will have to cut it down. Your neighbors may also force you to cut it down if they feel that your tree is a threat to their safety. The trees you have planted may prevent natural light from radiating into your rooms. Perhaps you didn't properly consider their location when you planted them.  In the same vein, it is also possible that trees in your garden, if improperly placed, can damage the integrity of your facades. This is particularly the case for species with roots that are too invasive. The latter will gradually deteriorate the masonry elements of your home or surrounding structures. In this situation too, you will be forced to uproot the tree in question. You may have to have a tree in your garden cut down if it represents a danger to other trees or plants. If it is sick, or if it is infected by fungi or pests, it can infect plants all around. A species that is too robust could also harm the development of other plants by taking up all the vital nutrients in the soil. Another reason to remove a tree on your property is the need for space. This is essential to be able to expand your house, build a garden shed, install a swimming pool or a children's playground, etc.

What are the different techniques for cutting down a tree?

To cut down a tree, you can use all sorts of techniques. Felling itself consists of notching the tree with a chainsaw. However, not everyone can handle this tool. One must be able to make directional cuts in the direction of the chosen felling direction. You will also need a chainsaw whose guide bar adapts perfectly to the diameter of the trunk you wish to cut. Depending on your needs, it will not necessarily be necessary to uproot a tree completely.  If the tree hides your view, you can simply cut it down. This technique is also used to prevent the proliferation of a disease and thus allow the tree to recover better.  It can also be used to reduce the tree's exposure to the wind as much as possible. Sometimes, professionals choose to prune the top of a fairly large tree before cutting it down for good. Once the tree is on the ground, it can be reduced to pieces by pruning after delimbing. This operation consists of transforming it into logs that can be reused for heating. If you don't have enough space to cut down the tree, you can cut it down on a standing tree if you don't have enough space to cut it down. Usually you start from the top of the tree and finish with the stump. However, it takes much longer than most felling work. When landscaping work is done to beautify your property, it is common to have pruning done. This technique consists of cutting branches that invade neighbouring properties, or those that are too high and could come into contact with power lines. You can also prune a tree for purely aesthetic reasons. Pruning is also similar to pruning. However, it consists of pruning the lateral branches or the top of the tree to promote the development of the foliage.

Who can I call upon to cut down trees on my property?

Felling trees is a very technical operation. It will be essential to study the direction in which the tree falls, taking into account its position, shape and wind direction. It is also necessary to make sure to saw the felling line while respecting the safety requirements for this type of work. Depending on the height of the tree, you must also know how to handle tools such as chainsaws, saws, delimbers, pruning shears, pruning claws, etc. This is why this type of work necessarily requires the intervention of a professional who is a master in the art of tree felling. Whether you are looking to do a simple maintenance pruning or to cut down a tree entirely, you should always entrust the work to experts in the field of gardening. For your lumbering work, you can therefore turn to professional lumberjacks or tree pruners in your area. They have all the technical skills required for such a project. They also have the tools specific to this type of work, while mastering them perfectly. These professionals will also be able to give you advice on how to cut down a low tree in your garden.

How much does tree felling cost?

Artisans specializing in cutting or felling trees offer a variety of rates. To find yours, it would be wise to compare several quotes in order to choose the provider offering the best value for money. If you wish to proceed with landscaping work, a landscape gardener will be able to take care of all the operations required to embellish your property. To do so, he will be able to work in collaboration with different craftsmen: gardener, mason, lumberjack, pruner, etc. The price of cutting down a tree will depend mainly on its height. If for trees between 2 and 5 meters high, the price normally does not exceed 200 €, it can easily go up to more than 500 € for trees around 20 meters high. However, the prices offered by the experts are degressive depending on the number of trees to be felled. Professional prices will not be the same if you only want to cut one trunk or to proceed to a total removal of the stump. This second operation aims at extracting the roots and stump of the tree, which will then make it possible to flatten the land so that it can be used for another project.

When is the right time to cut down a tree?

You can have evergreen or softwood trees cut down throughout the year.  For deciduous species, however, it is best to wait until winter or fall. During these seasons, it will be easier to cut the trees because of the absence of leaves.  Felling should ideally be done when it is not too windy to ensure better safety when climbing.  Since the wood will be dry, you will have less trouble handling it. In most cases, felling trees does not require any specific administrative procedures with your town hall. This is particularly the case if a tree in your garden proves to be dangerous for your safety or that of others.  However, you do not have the right to cut down a neighbor's tree, or even their branches if they encroach on your property. This exposes you to a penalty. You must first ask your neighbor's permission.
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