Agricultural equipment suppliers

The term agricultural equipment covers a wide range of products of all kinds. Indeed, all the machines related to the work of green spaces, earth or wood are found in this category. Individuals or professionals use these machines to make their daily life easier. Do-it-yourself stores or signs dedicated to agriculture, there are many ways to get them.

The choice of material

While the soil professional knows all the criteria for buying a tractor, the novice is not. The budget is substantial, so it's best to ask the right questions. First of all, how big is the land, is it sloping? Do I need a light tractor to move around the farm or a heavy tractor capable of towing or PTO? Will I choose a new or used tractor? All these questions will allow you to determine the power of the engine by taking into account the equipment you want to use with such as bucket, shredder, tiller or gyro shredder ... The field of wood requires very specific equipment. Splitter, circular saw, winch, chainsaw are indispensable. Just like the tractor, the chainsaw must be chosen according to its use. Pruning, cutting firewood, delimbing or felling trees do not require the same tools. The choice of an electric or thermal chainsaw or a pruner will depend mainly on the frequency of use, the diameter of the wood to be cut and its hardness. This powerful tool can also quickly become dangerous if it is not properly adapted. In terms of comfort, the latest models benefit from more thoughtful ergonomics and positioning of the controls as well as less weight and noise. As soon as the green spaces to be maintained exceed 6,000 m2, the acquisition of a micro tractor becomes an indispensable asset. With hydrostatic or mechanical transmission, it will be a precious ally for moving around, cleaning the grounds or transporting agricultural equipment. The ride-on mower, for its part, tackles the mowing of large areas of lawn, but it is only dedicated to this task. Very much in vogue, robot mowers are of particular interest to private individuals. The latest generations of these machines mow plots of any shape, even the most hilly. Dead leaves are no longer picked up with a shovel. No more of this drudgery! They are now blown, crushed and decomposed to be used as humus. Only one tool can take care of blowing the leaves directly into a bag and crushing them: the leaf blower. Previously used more as a recreational machine, the quad is widely coveted by farmers who see it as a means of moving quickly from plot to plot. However, the quad still has many assets in this field. It is also used to tow hay trailers and other trailers, to transport small animals, to tow specialized tools such as fertilizer dispensers, to spread, to lay fences, and to survey land using GPS. The choice is vast: heavy quads, self-propelled agricultural machine quads, tractor-approved quads. However, be careful with the very strict legislation, especially for driving on roads.

The choice of the supplier of agricultural equipment

As with any large purchase, it is important to choose a serious supplier with a proven track record. A long-established company with a good reputation is always more reassuring. However, it is also important to compare the products offered and possibly the services. Sales of machines of recognized brands, diversity of equipment, professionalism of the salesmen, after-sales service, everything is main. A family business gathers all these criteria. It is Jean Bouvier. With a wealth of experience accumulated over many years, this important company is at the service of professionals but also individuals. Its employees trained in the sale and use of the equipment they offer will take the time to guide a purchase as well as possible. With six points of sale, new or second-hand items are available in several departments. In addition, maintenance and repairs are carried out by a specialized team and permanent offices are set up during the different harvests. The managers of this establishment are driven by a single concern: service and listening to customers.
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