What plants by his pool?

The pool is a special place that is part of most gardens. It is a corner for conviviality and sharing emotions with friends and relatives. To take full advantage of the benefits offered by this place of relaxation, it is advisable to carry out a landscaping around the pool. Placing flower pots and planting plants around the pool will add an aesthetic touch and bring more color. Plants at the edge of the pool enhance the pool and integrate it in the heart of a natural setting. On this subject, it is necessary to choose the plants. Many people even choose themes to design their pool. Here are some ideas.

For a pool with the charms of the South

When landscaping a swimming pool, the choice of plants is very important. Here, it is advisable to opt for plants that are not very sensitive to drought and that can grow under the sun. These plants can be placed in the pool area. It is also important to choose plants that do not lose their leaves so that you do not spend your time picking up dead leaves in the water. To decorate the place even more, palm trees are essential shrubs that bring softness and freshness. Palms exist in several varieties such as phoenix, washingtonia, filifera, etc.. However, before choosing, it is important to consider the place where the palm tree will be planted. Note that it is a rather imposing shrub. Then, the Polygala myrtifolia is also a perfect plant to bring more color to the place. It has purple bracts that flower throughout the year with an adapted climate. It can be replaced by a pink oleander which sublimates the pool with its fragrant flowers. You want even more color? Add some Plumbago with these pastel blue flowers that will bring an amazing graphic note to the whole. Lavender is also a good choice with its ball-shaped foliage and fragrant flowers. Other flowering plants will also make the pool a magical place, such as bougainvillea, hibiscus, jasmine...

A zen swimming pool

After a hard day's work, there's nothing better than taking a dip and relaxing in the pool to recharge your batteries. The movement of the water creates a relaxing atmosphere to get rid of stress and fatigue. And it is even more wonderful if the pool is placed in the middle of nature. The palm trees will still find their place to decorate the poolside if you want zenitude. This time it will be better to opt for a royal palm tree. For this, you need to plan a fairly large space, because the shrub grows very quickly and can become a large tree in a short time. To enjoy a Zen pool, one can also plant an Alocasia, which offers a splendid image for the place with its huge veined leaves. This plant likes humidity and develops on a well drained and fertile ground. One will optimize the decoration with a pretty Japanese maple which will certainly promote the Zen side of the pool. Flowering plants such as gardenia will also have their place to add value to the pool and its surroundings. Ferns are also ideal vegetation to bring a touch of freshness and greenery to this relaxation area. To underline this Zen atmosphere, pebbles, gravel or sand can be placed at the feet of the plants.

A rustic and classic style pool

There is no shortage of plant types and species to decorate the pool. For those who want to arrange the garden and pool in a more classical way, they can choose an orange tree. This shrub will embellish the bottom of the massif with its small white flowers. Next to it, hydrangeas can be installed with its colorful flowers that are pleasing to the eyes. Further forward, boxwood balls, blue fescues and daisies will create a nice contrast of colors that can be highlighted with erectons to place by the pool. A light, country atmosphere will undoubtedly be the order of the day. In addition, it will be even more wonderful to add boxwood topiaries in pots and install them in all corners of the pool. If the pool is surrounded by a security fence, an arch can be placed at the entrance to support a climbing rosebush for a touch of softness.

Can artificial plants be used?

Nothing is better than natural plants and flowers for landscaping the garden and pool. They allow you to immerse yourself in nature while spending a pleasant moment of relaxation in the water. The natural vegetations offer a beautiful image at home, but require serious maintenance to keep in perfect condition. Artificial plants are available in several varieties and are excellent alternatives for those who do not have a green thumb. Imitation plants allow for quick landscaping, as they are ready-to-install decoration accessories.
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