Tips for building a tree house

The American dream is not only to be realized in the land of stars and stripes, but also to have a tree house. How many times have you dreamed of watching an American television show? Have you dreamed of a secret place to take refuge and meet your friends to play? If as a child you couldn't make that dream come true and you are a DIY enthusiast, follow the guide and make one now for your children.

How to choose the right tree?

A tree that can withstand the construction of a wooden house, no matter how bright it is, is certainly a tall and sturdy plant. Beeches, oaks, maples and tall firs are good for exercise. The trunk must be strong and sturdy, the branches, especially, must not appear fragile but strong and solid. The roots must be much firmer: the tree must be stable and must not show signs of disease or parasites that could weaken it. Consulting a gardener in the choice is not overzealous, but rather a responsible choice. Never forget that the tree house must be safe for those who enter it, childproof as well as adult proof, a well-made house will also be able to welcome you without any problem. The diameter of the stem must, in any case, be greater than 35-40 cm. If you intend to take advantage of the proximity of two trees, always take care not to compromise the stability and health of the plants and build a base that combines the two trees firm but flexible and, possibly, removable.

What materials should I get?

Grass, wooden beams, tiles or corrugated iron are among the basic materials for the project. When designing a tree house, it is essential to respect the environment around you. Everything concerning the project, the choice of materials and its realization must preserve the integrity of the tree and the natural environment. In addition, the project must be removable. This means that once the house is no longer in use, it must be possible to dismantle it without damaging the installation, which will allow you to restore it to its original state. Therefore, preference should be given to ecological, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

What to do before you start?

In some regions with particular landscape or environmental constraints, it is not possible to build a structure on a tree. So be sure to check whether you need to apply for permission to build a tree house. Contact your City Council and check to see if there are any local bylaws, statutes or other items that may restrict construction. In some municipalities, it may be necessary to apply for a permit before you can build a tree house. Don't stop at the bureaucratic aspects, but also respect the constraints of good neighbourliness. Contacting and alerting neighbors is always a good idea. The tree house could ruin the view from their house or disturb their privacy. Choose the location of the house carefully so that it is visible from your home, to keep it under control, but also not to place it too close or at the height of the neighbors' windows and balconies, to avoid complaints or any other problems.

How to build a tree house?

For a house of 3 meters by 3 meters, a tree of the diameter mentioned above will be sufficient. However, it will be necessary to establish how to repair the house. The support beams of the platform can be screwed directly onto the tree trunk, but this would damage it, although it is possible to minimize the risk with the right materials. Alternatively, the house could be supported by posts driven into the ground. You will need to leave a lot of space around the platform so that the tree can move freely in the wind. Again, you can suspend the mast between the branches with ropes, cables or chains. This is not an optimal solution for all types of trees and particularly heavy houses.

How do you build the access ladder?

The house access ladder can be designed in three different ways. The rope ladder will require a series of short rungs that are attached to the rope, all the way down to the ground. Otherwise, the standard ladder is the fastest way to access your home. Finally, the most fascinating is certainly the fixed wooden ladder with handrail. The most elaborate, but also the safest solution.

Start working on the tree house

The ideal height for a tree house is between 1.5 and 2.5 m, because building a tree house too high can be dangerous for children. Also for their safety, design a safety fence or railing around the platform. The right height will be 70 to 90 cm, with a distance between the vertical posts of no more than 15 cm.

Now move on to the actual construction

Once the support posts, solution number two, have been attached, the beams where the floor boards will be fixed will be attached to them. Once the floor is mounted, it will pass to the walls. The boards in this case will have to be adapted to the curves of the branches, so it is preferable to use the shaped ones. Finally, for the roof, it is possible to fix corrugated sheets or waterproof panels, so as not to waste too much wood. Painting everything in your favorite colors will give the final touch to the work, even if the timeless color of the wood is definitely the perfect finish.
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