The different ways to heat outdoors

It's always nice to be able to relax or spend time with loved ones on the terrace at any time of the year. To do this, you need an outdoor heating system that suits your needs, i.e., depending on the size of the terrace and the desired heating level. Indeed, there are different types and models of outdoor heating systems: fixed or mobile, for small or large patios, not to mention the different types of power supply you can choose from. Focus on the different ways to heat outdoors.

Wall heating for more discretion

With the right layout, a heating system can be installed without really breaking the charm of the space. However, it is always preferable that outdoor heating be as discreet as possible. On the one hand, to preserve the beauty of your terrace, and on the other hand, for more security. In this context, outdoor wall heating is ideal. Installed at the top of the wall, it is out of the reach of children while being out of sight so as not to clutter up the space or detract from the decoration. It's especially perfect for a medium sized terrace, more or less large. As the name implies, this type of heating system is installed on the outside wall of the house. However, you usually see only one or two walls at most around a deck. As a result, heat distribution is more evenly distributed. In this case, it is advisable to install it a little lower so that you can take advantage of all the heat it spreads. You can choose the type of power supply that suits you best: electric, gas, solar or bio ethanol. For a wall installation, electric and solar heaters are the most recommended. In fact, these two options are the most practical. For an electric outdoor heater, a wall-mounted power outlet is easier to install. As for solar wall heating, the installation for a better interception of solar energy is not complicated. It is also more advantageous in terms of the cost of the bills.

Brazier for design

For your short breaks on the terrace, you can opt for an outdoor fireplace, also called a brazier. This solution is perfect for creating a designer atmosphere on the terrace. You can enjoy its soft warmth during your reading break, for example. Otherwise, it would also provide a cosy and warm atmosphere with the family or a few friends. Indeed, with a brazier, you have the possibility to make all kinds of grills (meat, vegetables, marshmallows, etc.). However, for safety reasons, an outdoor fireplace requires a more spacious space. Indeed, the furniture of your terrace or garden must be further away from the fire. Note that a brazier is ideal for simple cool moments, but is not sufficient during the coldest weather. It requires you to be closer to enjoy the heat.

Heated umbrella to cover large spaces

For a fairly large outdoor space, a heated sunshade is the most practical. It is in fact the most powerful of all outdoor heaters thanks to its good heat diffusion downwards. There is therefore no energy loss envisaged. On the other hand, a heating sunshade is usually mounted on wheels. Thus, you have the possibility to move the heater at your convenience. This type of heating can be an integral part of your outdoor decoration. This will give a touch of design to your terrace. However, it is always necessary to use an outdoor awning since a heating sunshade cannot protect you from the sun. Moreover, it is recommended to protect them from the sun during summer days. Depending on what suits you, you can choose between a gas or electric heated sunshade. However, in order not to affect its mobility, it is advisable to opt for a gas outdoor heating system. Indeed, with an electric parasol heater, you will have to look for a power outlet every time you move. This is not easy outside the house. Moreover, the diffusion of heat is done quickly with an outdoor gas heater. This is not the case with any other type of power supply. In fact, this allows for very considerable savings.
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