Buying an electric jacuzzi: find out about the consumption of each model in order to make the right choice

Having a spa at home, especially during the winter period, is a real asset. Many people want to take advantage of it because this hot water massage system has proven to be beneficial and soothing. If you want to relax several times a week, consider the spa's electricity consumption. This depends on many criteria, such as the location of the jacuzzi, the characteristics of the equipment, the models...

Choosing your jacuzzi spa

The choice of equipment (pump, compressor, filter...) is essential. Manufacturers can provide you with detailed and clear information on this point. How to choose your jacuzzi spa? For each model, the choice depends on the jacuzzi consumption which is essentially based on the desired temperature, the amount of the electricity bill, the average surrounding temperature. This consumption also depends on the frequency of use, the number and power of the massage pumps and the power of the electric heater. It should be noted that the majority of today's spas consume as little energy as possible. How much does a spa consume? For example, a Jacuzzi with a 3000 watt heater, 2.5 HP pumps and an ozonator. The volume capacity of the pool is 1,500 liters, filtered ten hours a day. This unit operates during normal peak hours and fills with water that takes +1.72 °C per hour. For intensive outdoor use, this jacuzzi can consume 5673.99 kWh of energy per year, while for intensive indoor use, this jacuzzi can consume 4192.91 kWh per year. You can even ask more general questions, such as how much water your spa can hold, its size and installation. For an indoor jacuzzi, it is imperative that the slab be sufficiently stable and able to support the weight of the unit filled with water (approximately two tons). In technical terms, the idea of the slab is the same for the outdoor or indoor jacuzzi. In fact, a sufficiently strong and resistant slab and a non-slip floor are required. The disadvantages will be the difference in terms of use and especially size, so it is necessary to choose the right outdoor spa.

The power consumption of a spa depends on the choice of equipment and insulation

The filtration pump, circulation pump, bubble and air compressor, air filter, other lighting equipment and water jet equipment play an important role in spa consumption. This equipment consumes energy, and if you choose a model, you must take this into account. Keep in mind that the pump delivers an average of twenty-five jets, so the more jets you add, the more pumps you need to install in the spa, and therefore, the insulation of your hot tub will decrease. Tank insulation is also important because it greatly reduces heat loss or reduction. Spa water should be heated for as long as possible, preferably between uses. To save money, especially in cold weather, avoid cooling the water too quickly. Following this logic, we can see that the energy consumption of a spa is different from one jacuzzi model to another. However, you must also take into account the climatic conditions. At lower temperatures, the loads generated by a spa heating system may be higher. In this case, outdoor spas consume more electricity than indoor spas. A recessed spa is recommended to avoid excessive energy loss. This can be made of stone, wood, or simply inflatable. Finally, the frequency of use of the spa is a factor that should not be overlooked, as it will lengthen or shorten the time of energy consumption.

The advantages of the outdoor jacuzzi

Outdoor models are always very popular, they allow you to relax in a ventilated environment. At the same time, you can admire the landscape of the courtyard. Many criteria make it easy for you to choose an outdoor jacuzzi that meets your expectations. But in fact, to get the most out of your spa, you need to place it in an ideal location. There are many different types of outdoor hot tubs, including inflatable, portable, semi-installed and built-in. Each model you choose can be installed permanently or temporarily in the location of your choice. In winter as in summer, these models provide their users with a real freedom of use. The heating system of the outdoor jacuzzi is beneficial because it allows you to take full advantage of relaxing moments in winter time. In the summer, you can switch from your spa to the pool and/or vice versa.

The indoor jacuzzi

The spa is considered an oversized bathtub or whirlpool tub. It is a device that provides the expected comfort and beneficial relaxation. Several places dedicated to well-being and many homes are equipped with spas. It has many advantages, such as the possibility of massaging all the muscles of the body. The indoor jacuzzi can be placed in large bathrooms. It is the most suitable solution for users who do not have a large outdoor space.
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