Terrace: why invest in a heated parasol?

Nowadays, it is quite possible to keep your terrace warm. All you need to do is invest in a heated sunshade. As its name suggests, it is an outdoor heater, a device that allows you to enjoy your terrace in early spring, late fall or even at the onset of winter. However, before making a purchase, it is important to know that not all patio heaters are created equal.

Why invest in a patio heater?

Installing a patio heater on your patio allows you to prolong the pleasure and relaxation throughout the year. A real heating appliance, this device allows you to heat your terrace. For the more adventurous, they can choose a heating parasol to warm their terrace during the winter period. In addition, this outdoor heater diffuses heat that is both homogeneous and regular. Moreover, it is possible to adjust its temperature according to your needs. This option will allow you to use your patio heater in different seasons. It is also practical. Not very bulky, it can be easily installed near your dining area or near your garden furniture. More than a simple heater, the heated parasol is also a decorative element in its own right. Available in different forms: sculpture, openwork, wavy, this patio heater participates in the ornament of your outside. For restaurateurs, investing in a heating parasol allows them to attract customers even in winter. Indeed, they will be able to come to your hotel while staying warm outside. But before you make your purchase, you should know that there are two main types of heated sunshades: electric patio heaters and gas patio heaters.

Good reasons to choose an electric patio heater

If you decide to invest in a heated umbrella to keep your terrace or the outside of your restaurant warm, you can opt for an electric patio heater. It stands out because of its very small size. It adapts to all surfaces. Given its modern structure, the electric patio heater is also aesthetically pleasing. Easy to install, this patio heater has a foot and a reflector allowing you to easily install a heating lamp. It is important to know that the electric patio heater rises quickly in temperature. It thus responds to today's pace of life. In today's era where energy problems are at the heart of all concerns, the electric patio heater parasol also allows you to heat ecologically. This outdoor heating system respects the natural environment very well since it does not emit CO2 gas into the atmosphere. What's more, it is odourless. Not only that, the electric patio heater is a particularly quiet device. You can use it without fear of disturbing your atmosphere or that of your customers, if you install it on the terrace of your restaurant. Moreover, the model can be used both outside and inside the house. However, the electric patio heater is less efficient than its gas counterpart. Then, as its name implies, it requires power sources. For example, the unit should be installed near an electrical outlet unless you plan to use an extension cord.

Why invest in a gas-heated sunshade?

The gas patio heater is aptly named because it is gas-powered. If we compare it with its "electric patio heater" counterpart, it stands out for its performance. Given its very high power, the gas model allows you to heat a large surface area terrace. And if you think that the gas bottle is too bulky, then you're wrong. This accessory is concealed in the base of your patio heater. Unlike the electric model, it heats with a flame. It consists of a mast above which is installed a reflector and a burner. That's not all, thanks to the burner, its temperature is easily adjustable. The practicality of this outdoor heating model is very attractive. First of all, it is easy to light. Just press the "on" button and you're ready to go. Secondly, it is mobile because it is equipped with wheels. So it can be installed anywhere. What's more, it doesn't need an electrical power supply. It can keep your terrace warm even in the event of a power outage. But like all other heating systems, the gas-heated sunshade has its weak points. You have to charge the gas bottle regularly. Then, it is condemned to outdoor use since it cannot be used inside the house because of the carbon dioxide exhaust. And because it emits CO², the gas patio heater is not very environmentally friendly.

Criteria for choosing a patio heater

Whether you buy an electric or gas patio heater, it is always necessary to choose your patio heater carefully. First of all, the surface to be heated must be taken into account. If you have a less spacious deck, choose electric models. They can heat a small area while rapidly increasing the temperature. But if you plan to heat a large surface, more than 15 m², it is wise to choose a gas-heated sunshade. It is powerful and the heat it diffuses lasts longer. Next comes the material of the heating sunshade. It is a matter of practicality, design and durability. Stainless steel is the perfect material for outdoor use because it is both rustproof and very resistant to weather conditions. You can also opt for the aluminum patio heater. It is prized for its weather resistance and timeless design. Moreover, aluminum can receive an infinite number of colors. The heating power is also one of the selection criteria. The energy consumption of an electric heating parasol is measured in kWh. The higher the figure, the greater the heating power of your patio heater. The energy consumption of a gas model is measured in watts. For satisfactory heating performance, choose a model with a power rating greater than 500 watts.

How can I quickly find a patio heater?

Are you ready to buy an electric or gas patio heater? Nowadays, it is quite possible to find patio heaters directly on the Internet. In the age of digitalization, you can even shop online. The web offers a wide choice. For good reason, almost all current heating manufacturers are present on the web, to develop their visibility, but also to quickly offer their products such as heating sunshades. In addition, shopping on the internet saves you time and money. You don't need to go around all the stores in your city to find and buy a patio heater that meets your expectations. Just log on to your laptop or tablet and you'll quickly access a list of heaters. And that's not all, the web service meets the demands of today's life. It is available both day and night, even on holidays.
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