Plant shredder: how does it work and what are the advantages?

Individuals or companies specialized in gardening always find themselves in a big problem during maintenance: what to do with plant waste? Thanks to advanced technology, a new tool has been invented: the plant shredder. Practical and efficient, this device helps you get rid of branches. Say goodbye to the bad habit that harms the well-being of the planet. You no longer need to burn green waste. How does a branch shredder work? How to make the best choice? What are the benefits of using it?

Why buy a plant shredder?

For homeowners with a garden, buying a wood chipper is a good investment. With this tool in your garage, you no longer need to use the services of a company to recover plant waste after gardening work or to go to a specialized establishment for the disposal of foliage and branches. Because the use of a plant shredder allows you to reduce the amount of natural detritus as much as possible. If you are not completely convinced by the economic advantage that this equipment offers, ask the professionals for information: about the rates for landscaping, the amount to pay for a car rental to go to a disposal establishment and the price of a plant shredder. By comparing the necessary budgets, you are sure to invest in this gardening accessory without delay. Apart from saving money, a garden shredder also helps you to protect the environment. Instead of burning or throwing away plant litter, you can give it a second. How do you do it? Collect the shredded material and scatter it over the garden plots. After a few weeks you will see a big change. The soil is lighter, supple, fertile and enriched.

Shredder: Which model to buy?

When buying a mulcher, you have the choice between electric and thermal. How to make the right choice between these two types of equipment? To be sure to buy the best shredding equipment, you have to take into account the size of your garden. For a garden plot of less than 500 square meters, the most judicious choice is the electric plant shredder. What are the characteristics of this machine? With this model you can benefit from a power of 1700 watts going up to 3200 watts. The electric motor shredder is suitable for all types of branches with a diameter of less than 45 mm. The plus with this model is its ergonomic design. It is easy to handle and transport. Ideal for individuals. If you have been won over by electricity, don't hesitate to opt for the Bosch plant shredder. It has similar advantages to those of the Einhell plant shredder. The only drawback with this first type of machine is that you need to have an electrical power supply nearby. And what about the thermal plant shredder? This type of equipment is ideal for shredding denser branches. In principle, it is used for the maintenance of large gardens and parks. What is its power? Operating on diesel, it can reach up to 6800 watts, similar to 9 HP. Its particularities: resistant, efficient and fast.

The cutting system: one of the criteria of choice

In order to have the best plant shredder, it is also essential to take into account the cutting system. This must be adapted to your needs. There are many different shredding techniques, such as: disc cutter system, rotor system, auger system and turbine system. The blade-holder disc shredder is reserved for occasional gardening work. Operating like a household robot, this equipment is equipped with a turntable with fixed blades. Thanks to its speed of 2000 revolutions per minute, you can obtain a fine and quality shredded material. Ideal for the preparation of composts. Who is this system for? The blade disc is for anyone who is looking for a fast and efficient shredding technique, with a garden of less than 300 square meters with small caliber branches. This system is available on bosch axt rapid. You are the owner of a green space with an area of up to 500 square meters. Your shrubs and plants require regular maintenance. You like to act for the good of the ecosystem. Think no more, the rotor system is what you need. What's more, the rotor shredder is silent. To avoid clogging, it is equipped with a pusher. How is the green waste after the machine? The shred is thicker. You can recycle it into natural fertilizer. When should I choose the turbine and auger shredder? These shredding techniques are intended for professional use. Because they are powerful and robust. They can shred hardwood into small pieces without difficulty.

Tips for the right purchase of garden equipment

To purchase your device properly, don't limit yourself to models and systems. Make your choice based on the accessories available. For maximum comfort of use, choose appliances with a drip tray. This will also save you from having to invest in a tarpaulin to collect pieces of foliage and branches. And to facilitate transport, make sure the model of your choice is equipped with wheels. And what is the recommended price of a plant shredder? The price varies according to the brand and model of your choice. The price for an rsh electric shredder will not be the same as for the axt rapid. The most important thing is that there is a good value for money. If this is your first purchase, you can refer to the forums gathering the plant shredder reviews.

How to handle a branch shredder?

To have a dream garden, well maintained and that will make your neighbors salivate, it is essential to equip yourself with good equipment, but also a good method. Before starting any gardening work with your new toy, be aware of all the operating modes. The best thing to do is to take a few minutes of your valuable time to read the instructions that come with the appliance. If there is no user's guide, do a little research using the brand of your machine as a keyword. Type in the search field for example: ryobi rsh shredder. Once you have understood how the equipment works, you can start maintaining your garden by following all the instructions. For more safety, if you have children, it is preferable to delimit the garden to keep them away. And for your own safety, don't neglect to wear protective gloves and goggles. These accessories can protect you from certain accidents such as over ejection. When using a green waste shredder, carry a small stick to push or arrange the branches. Avoid the fatal mistake of using your hands. How do I maintain a wood chipper? For a good result, it is essential to maintain the shredders regularly. For diesel engines, plan to change the spark plug at least twice a year. Also change the oil. And if necessary, sharpen the blades.
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