How to fence off your garden and design your future exterior?

Installing a garden fence is necessary to create an outdoor space that is out of sight. The models available on the market are designed in different materials and colors to suit the decorative style of the house. You should know that the wire mesh fence is by far one of the most widely used for its aesthetic and ergonomic advantages.

Advantages of panel fencing

Garden mesh is available in different colors using lamination techniques, although black rigid mesh is a more common choice. No doubt for the ease with which you can integrate it into any decor. Rigid wire netting, made of steel panels, is primarily prized for its resistance. If you live in a rainy region, this model is perfect for weather resistance. In addition, it is used as a security device that prevents intrusions. With a rigid panel mesh, you can place a blackout screen with ease. Artificial hedges, privacy screens, canisses, all walls designed to protect you from prying eyes can be integrated with this type of mesh. You even have the possibility of choosing resin or wooden slats that you can easily slide between the wires of the screen. To know more..: The green rigid wire mesh fence offers an authentic look that is perfect for outdoor spaces. If you prefer a more original model, choose pink, blue or orange.

The simple twist fence: ergonomic and aesthetic

The single twist mesh is located halfway between the rigid mesh panel and the welded roll mesh panel. It is distinguished by its torsional properties, which create an aesthetically pleasing twisted structure. It goes without saying that, due to the crossing of the wires that make it up, it is more difficult to design and install than a wire mesh panel. Nevertheless, it attracts many enthusiasts who are seduced by its unbeatable price. Most people choose this type of mesh as a temporary solution, especially for garden boundaries before starting major outdoor landscaping projects. The model with simple twists can be used on residential and commercial properties. Although it does not offer a high level of security compared to other fences, it has the advantage of adapting to a vegetated environment. For this, no need to throw yourself directly on the green! Black, blue or even a more off-beat color may very well suit your garden.

The wooden fence: a sure value

The wooden fence brings a rustic touch to your exterior. This material, which lends itself to many manipulations, you can indulge in all the fantasies of styles both in terms of form and color. If you are not yet familiar with this type of fence, you may wonder if the wood can resist wear and tear, especially when placed outside. The question is still relevant with the simple answer that wood fencing undergoes a treatment called "autoclave" to resist humidity, insect intrusion and fungal growth. It is important to remember that this fence is much more protective and secure than wire mesh, especially if you have pets. If you plan to create a relaxation area in your garden, opt for solid panels. Not only will you be out of sight of passers-by, but you will also be able to enjoy your outdoor area protected from the wind. From an aesthetic point of view, everything is possible: canisses, openwork fences, woven wood, etc.

The construction of a low wall

A more radical solution: build a separation wall. For this, you can opt for a natural stone or concrete construction. Solid bricks are an interesting choice to create a fence that resists the elements while eliminating the risk of erosion associated with poorly treated metal structures. They also have a considerable aesthetic advantage since you can choose the shape you prefer. For tight budgets, the cinder block wall is perfect. To obtain a better appearance, you must apply plaster or roughcast. You can also use tinted concrete for an even clearer result. The price of your wall will obviously depend on the choice of materials and the surface area of the wall. However, don't forget to inform your town hall to find out if the fence you want to install is in accordance with the local urban plan. No authorization is required unless the wall is more than 2 m high. In this case, you must fill out a declaration before starting the work.
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