Where to find the right luminaire: store or internet

In addition to being a source of light, the light fixture is also a decorative object that holds an important place bringing an extra touch to your interior decoration. Are you currently looking for one to put in your living…

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E27 LED Light Bulb for Quality and Energy Saving Lighting

Do you still have reservations about the advantages of LED technology? Wondering why we didn’t stay with the good old incandescent bulbs? We are going to present you some arguments that will surely make you change your mind and finally…

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Your ally in LED lighting: the 220V 24V transformer

Are you planning to take the plunge and replace your bulb lighting system for a modern, economical and fashionable system? Then your choice has naturally turned to LED lighting, adaptable to all installations, and for a reduced budget! The installation…

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Swimming pool and water features in the garden: rely on floating lamps for a magical atmosphere

The lighting of your pool is essential for a number of reasons. Among the many types of lighting for external water features, there are floating lamps. In fact, there are several types. You still hesitate to opt for floating pool…

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What are the strategic areas to be lit outside your home?

In addition to being an integral part of the decor of your home, exterior lighting also plays an important safety role. It must be installed in the right place to enhance security outside and inside your home. If you are…

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