Swimming pool and water features in the garden: rely on floating lamps for a magical atmosphere

The lighting of your pool is essential for a number of reasons. Among the many types of lighting for external water features, there are floating lamps. In fact, there are several types. You still hesitate to opt for floating pool lamps. Then know that this type of lighting can play many roles and can provide myriad advantages. But how then to choose it? And how to install it? To shed some light on some of these questions, here is some information.

What are the different types of floating pool lights?

There are a thousand and one types of floating pool lamps that you can choose from. Among this range, we can mention the led floating lamp, the halogen lamp, the fiber optics, the inflatable swimming pool lamps and the solar floating lamps. Indeed, the led is possibly the most popular type of pool light currently. This is probably due to the fact that they are the type of lighting that works the longest. They also present no risk of injury since they are cold when touched. Halogen lamps, on the other hand, are the most powerful pool lights since they illuminate huge areas and burn very brightly. In addition, fiber optics are the most popular floating pool lights after leds. And even if it is still the weakest lighting compared to the other categories, it can offer a good number of choices in terms of color. Also, inflatable pool lights are quite common since they float very well and are very easy to transport. Generally, they contain led lights inside. And finally, floating solar lights are the most economical option. However, this type of lighting is less suitable if you are in a location with very little sunlight. They also contain led lamps inside and they are charged by the sunlight.

What are the roles of a floating pool lamp?

A floating pool light can actually play two roles. It can be a decoration, but also a safety tool. Indeed, a pool without lighting is also unsafe and sad. On the decorative aspect, it can bring a magical atmosphere in your spa or in your garden. Pool lighting can rejuvenate your pool while giving it a cachet. Indeed, light harmonizes your water room or your exterior since today we can find several types of floating pool lights that combine with the depth, shape, surroundings and edges of the tub. With its color palettes, a floating pool light can provide an ambiance that suits your needs and, above all, your taste. In addition, for the safety side, a pool light allows you to maintain visibility around and inside the pool. In addition, pool safety standards are constantly evolving. Therefore, by installing floating pool lights, you will be assured to respect a reassuring and reliable lighting system. In addition, these lights are made for a ground, above ground, wood or steel pool.  The pool can indeed collect an appropriate light decoration.

What are the advantages of a floating pool light?

A swimming pool decorated with a floating lamp just looks cool. Indeed, better lighting enhances the structure and lines of your pool. If you have spent a little more to bring good angles and a good look to your pool, it would be a great pity to hide it in the dark. A floating pool light can also improve the atmosphere and mood in the area. Indeed, it is very spectacular to see colored lights reflecting on the water. And it would be even more enchanting if you had water features such as fountains, waterfalls or a whirlpool pool installed. This can make for an amazing show with floating lights. Apart from that, pool lights can assist you in spotting problems on the pool structure. Often, daylight is not enough to help you locate carvings on the walls and cracks in the pool lining. However, floating lights can help you to spot these problems in time before they become more pronounced.

How to choose your floating pool lamp?

Indeed, there are several models of floating lamp for swimming pool. Therefore, it can seem rather difficult to select the lighting which is appropriate for you. To remedy this, it is essential to consider certain criteria. You can indeed, take into account the brand of the floating lamp in order to decide. Certainly, there are brands that are quite common such as bestway solar lamp or intex floating led, etc., but this does not mean that little known brands are less good. On the other hand, you can also choose your lighting in relation to the rendering of the light. So you can opt for a floating solar lamp if you want a very white and brighter light. However, it cannot be used in winter or in cloudy weather. If you then have an indoor pool or hot tub spa, this type of lamp is not suitable for you. It is made for outdoor pools and especially in sunny weather. In addition, you can opt for a floating led lamp if you like a disco atmosphere. A multicolored disco led lamp for swimming pool can indeed, offer you a unique atmosphere in your garden, spa and swimming pool. In addition to this, a white led projector can also illuminate your pool if you do not want to install a multicolored floating lamp. In addition, the price of the product can also be an essential criterion when choosing your floating lamp. Therefore, it is essential to consider your budget. Besides that, the service offered by the store can tip the balance. You will surely prefer to buy a lighting at cdiscount with free delivery, than to another one requiring a means of transport that is added to the purchase price.

How to install a floating pool light?

The vast majority of floating pool lamps are easy to use and install. However, before purchasing the product, it is essential to make sure of it. You can actually use the instructions to fully understand installation techniques, unit loading and battery changes. However, there are certain rules you should know to successfully install your lighting. Remember to place floating lights in areas that will not interfere with pool users. To ensure a harmonious atmosphere, make sure that the intensity of the lights is reasonable. It should not be too weak or too strong. If you are using a led spotlight, make sure that the light is directed to the opposite side of the house. And if you're using a remote controlled model, make sure you turn the lights on at the same time to get a great decor. However, don't forget that there are also lights that turn on automatically as soon as they touch the water. And finally concerning the location of the multicolored floating lamps, it is up to you to arrange them according to your taste to achieve the enchanting atmosphere you are looking for.
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