What are the strategic areas to be lit outside your home?

Published on : 19 January 20217 min reading time

In addition to being an integral part of the decor of your home, exterior lighting also plays an important safety role. It must be installed in the right place to enhance security outside and inside your home. If you are having trouble identifying strategic areas where you should above all install an outdoor lighting system, find out the best locations.

The facade or main entrance

A good lighting system outside a home complements two primary needs, safety and style. From the economical screened porthole mainly intended to light the entrance of your garage or storage area to the stainless steel lamp installed on the wall or above the facade, as well as the luminous addresses or the countless intermediate lighting products, you will easily find the lighting system that will enhance the main door and the facade of your home. All you have to do is create a lighting ambience that matches the design and color of your home. For a state-of-the-art lighting system, for example, you are advised to use wall lamps. As for the interior, they can be fixed directly on the facade to illuminate strategic areas such as the main door, access to the balcony, etc. Your home will be well and truly secured and reinforced. Just by the presence of a single wall lamp, you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the outside, even more so about the inside of your home. Concerning the installation, it is advisable to place them a few centimeters above eye level to avoid blinding your guests at night. You can also opt for high-end models with a motion detector, such as a solar led projector. This lighting system turns on directly in case of intrusion by an unwanted and malicious person.

The outside path

As the signage of a driveway does not require considerable lighting power, it is important for you to install LED light bulbs on it. In fact, LED bulbs have been popular for decades for the simple reason that they offer an economical lighting system that is both safe and discreet. Embedded directly in the pavement or installed at ground level, this trend design street lamp enhances the main driveway of your home. It provides perfect lighting while guiding the movements of your guests in a pleasant environment all the way to the front door. With a long service life, LED light bulbs won’t cost you a fortune and greatly help protect the environment. However, if you want to optimize the light in a stone or wooden slab alley, we suggest you use stainless steel floodlights. To do so, simply recess this lighting system with the energy-saving LED lamps. You can also opt for post mounted lamps recessed into the ground. This model perfectly draws the road ahead while offering a vintage decor to the path leading to the main entrance. The LED spotlights connected to the risers can effectively illuminate the path of a staircase without blinding the eyes. Regardless of the length of the walkway, it is imperative that the light remains discreet. Especially if you plan to leave it on permanently during the night. To save on electricity costs, you can install lights with motion sensors that automatically turn on when someone is in the aisle. In short, there is a wide choice of outdoor leds for aisle lighting, depending on price, model and quality.

Courtyard and garden side

To intelligently illuminate the exterior of your home, consider installing several lighting levels. You will then have the choice between spotlights, led lamps, garlands or halogens. Above all, it is advisable to place a first projector in height in order to illuminate the space in a general way. Then, install a second projector more oriented and less high to illuminate a strategic area of the garden, the yard, a rockery, the edge of a swimming pool, etc.. Don’t forget to install a final light fixture as well. Purely ornamental, but necessary, it is made up of many small bright sources, which, by playing on the accumulation, will allow you to illuminate different areas of the courtyard or garden. For the latter, trees, copses and rocks can be illuminated in order to emphasize the relief shape. The garden light bollard is thus the ideal lighting system for this area. For tall trees, please give preference to the most imposing ones and illuminate them with spotlights. You can choose between a unidirectional spotlight or a directional model. To install it, simply direct the light towards the underside of the foliage and the trunk of the tree. As far as power is concerned, the best option would be to install halogen. However, LED fixtures with soft lighting are the most economical and durable. As for lighting decorations such as lanterns or garlands of light, you can arrange them according to your taste, especially high up around the pergola or terrace.

The terrace corner

To succeed in lighting your forecourt, balcony or terrace, wall luminaires are the most suitable because of the wide light beams they have at their disposal. You can easily control them from outside or inside. However, the quickest solution is to choose lamps equipped with a motion detector. In addition, the lighting system for the terrace also depends on the size of the space. You should then choose general lighting, but avoid choosing a system that is too aggressive and too bright, preventing you from relaxing comfortably in your terrace at night. In this sense, you are advised to install a light regulator coupled to the lighting system. For a large terrace with a play area, you can install a nomadic lamp to be moved easily according to your desires. It is also clever to enhance the contour of the balcony by installing a series of recessed spotlights. This option is even more practical if there is a staircase leading to the area. In any case, above all, avoid abusing colors in your lighting system. The idea would be to add a cheerful touch in moderation. The abuse of colored lights will indeed evoke Christmas decorations in your terrace. Think then of ribbons or linear with integrated leds to be installed in strategic areas to structure your balcony or your forecourt. Moreover, the remote control of the lighting allows you to change the colors regularly according to your preference.

The outdoor staircase

If your home has an outside staircase, it is a good idea to install a lighting system that serves as a beacon for your safety and that of your guests. To do so, you can, for example, install integrated lights directly on the staircase steps. Lighting makes it easy to climb up and down the stairs at night. In addition, it is also possible to install energy-saving outdoor lights under the handrails, at the posts or in the risers. As with all other strategic areas to be illuminated, lights equipped with motion sensors should also be installed in the staircase to make considerable savings on your electricity bill. That said, before purchasing the lighting system of your choice, please take the time to properly measure and identify all strategic areas outside your home. This way, the online store will easily be able to estimate the right bulb model for your space layout.

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