An outdoor bar, the must for a garden party!

Birthdays, engagements, weddings, family reunions... many are the parties that can be organized on the garden. You just have to study the decoration with the corresponding furniture or flowers according to the occasion, but the bar is also an important element. A successful decoration with the fresh air of the garden will complete the party. However, there is a lot of organization to do, especially with the outdoor bar. You have to choose the model according to the theme, the location, the drinks to be served, etc.

How to organize a garden party?

Do you want to have a ceremony in your garden? This is a very good idea. Indeed, an outdoor party can give a whole new atmosphere to provide more fun. However, you will need to do more preparation. The first thing you need to think about is the buffet that you are going to present. So, first think about choosing the organization you want for your buffet. The location, for example, must allow the guests to move freely and without hindrance. The dry food that you are going to serve should be arranged in advance as a welcome cocktail. This can be chips, dried fruit... anything you have to offer as an aperitif. If you choose a location that is more exposed to the sun, be careful what you are going to present. Indeed, there are dishes that can't stand the heat, they are quite fragile so don't expose them too much to the sun. This should also be the case for fried foods so that they keep their appearance and crispy texture. Thus, they will be both good to look at and excellent to eat. The most important element you should never forget when hosting an outdoor party is the garden bar. It would be more appropriate to reserve a special place to put the drinks. You don't necessarily have to look for something complicated. A few trestles and boards will be more than enough. Put the ice cubes in plastic bins so that the guests can help themselves voluntarily. You can also set up a barbecue area. In the middle of summer, consider putting sunshades on so that guests can protect themselves from sunburn. In addition, outdoor fans are a good tip. If the reception is going to last through the night, rent a brazier that spreads a gentle warmth.

How to choose the outdoor bar?

Outdoor bars are nice decorative elements and they are very practical for a successful party. However, they are not chosen just anyhow. There are specific models for each type of garden, but also for the terrace restaurant bar. The choice is really wide, there are boards and trestles, outdoor kitchens and trolleys. On the other hand, you have to choose the right materials and the right accessories according to the style of garden bar. For a successful party, the best suited is a pool house for bar with trestles, to make it simple and elegant. Indeed, the counter-bar could be an ephemeral installation. Thus, you don't have to look for noon to two o'clock. Take what you have in your garage and do a little do-it-yourself to build one. However, you will need to pay special attention to its size and shape. It depends on the space available and on what you are going to put on it such as bottles, ice cube trays, glasses... But also, its size depends on the number of guests you have. Don't hesitate to put several storage spaces for empty bottles and glasses. Concerning bar stools and hanging garden chairs, the choice is yours. You can put some or not. Indeed, during a party, there are special chairs and tables to shade the guests. So, they just pass by the bar to take their drink and return to have fun or sit in their place. To protect the bar from bad weather, you can install a garden shelter. When the party is over, you can easily remove them and your garden furniture can return to its original shape.

How to choose the location of the bar?

The choice of the location is also very important when setting up an outdoor bar. The first criterion is the position in relation to the first rays of the sun. You have to prevent problems that can harm your atmosphere. In general, it is the rain and the sun that cause more trouble. The veranda, the wooden pergola, the garden-pool terrace, these are the key points for the location. Afterwards, if you don't have one, you can always install it in a dining area on the balcony and provide a parasol to shelter drinks. Furthermore, the orientation of the pitch must be chosen carefully. It should be closer to the kitchen to be more practical. Especially if you don't have a mini-fridge to cool drinks, you can put them in your refrigerator inside your home. On the other hand, you should keep the circulation flowing, even if you set up a large outdoor bar. Indeed, in a party, there is a lot of movement. When a party is successful, the guests won't stay in their chairs, they will dance, drink, eat... So, do more study so that the location doesn't bother them.

How to decorate an outdoor bar?

To enhance the garden, you need to associate ornaments to your outdoor design bar countertop. Moreover, it is an important element when you organize a party. It's like thinking about the coverings and accessories to put on. In general, ideas for decorating the garden also depend on the type of reception you are organizing. For a birthday and reunion party, go for flashy styles. Let your imagination guide you. Balloons and colorful garlands can be placed everywhere to create a festive atmosphere. Also, for special events such as a wedding anniversary, consider a more classic style. For example, opt for neutral color decors. Finally, the most important thing is the comfort of your guests. Put yourself in their shoes, and see for yourself the most favorable location for the bar and the types of decorations that do not bother you. Search on Pinterest for more ideas.

The materials used to make the bar on the garden

If it is for a temporary installation, you can choose any material. But it must match the theme of your reception. Indeed, you are not going to put a large glass while the rest of the decor has a traditional style. It's a bit absurd. For a warmer side, wood is the indispensable material. They are also very easy to assemble and disassemble. Opt for an original look, you can just superimpose the wooden trestles and pallets for the worktop bar something simple and authentic. Moreover, you don't have to spend a lot of money for something that won't last. On the other hand, if your garden bar has a modern and cosy style, opt for glass decorations combined with metal pieces for a garden. You can choose stainless steels that are waterproof, epoxy steels that are rust resistant, the aluminum garden lounge that is very light. These are durable materials, so after each use, you can store them for the next receptions, but also, you can leave the installation in its place. They do not require much maintenance.
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