Which tent to plan for an outdoor party?

Published on : 19 January 20214 min reading time

Currently, the choice of an outdoor reception is very popular, especially for a wedding. Being in contact with nature and its beauty only amplifies the romanticism of the event. But this is not only the case. It can also be used for a birthday party, end of year party, balls, cocktails, etc. However, sometimes the climate can change. Although we have already consulted the weather forecast, we don’t know exactly what will happen. It is best to plan down to the smallest detail to ensure that the event goes smoothly. For example, to organize a reception outdoors, you will still have to anticipate the possibility of wind, heat, sunburn, showers, etc. The solution to better shelter the guests in these cases is to use a tent. This device adds a touch of decor that can even go far beyond indoor receptions.

The advantages of organizing an outdoor event

Organizing an outdoor party proves to be more economical, but also involves more work. You can, for example, set up a tent in your own garden near the pool so that you don’t have to look for a room that can accommodate dozens of guests. In this case, the decor is accentuated by the greenery of the space. This is almost a thing of the past, except for other installations such as the photobooth at a wedding and other devices that can be combined with the chosen theme. Otherwise, there is no shortage of green spaces to accommodate more than a hundred guests. It is enough to be well equipped to make the moment an unforgettable memory. The photos taken will be of high quality, which will avoid the risk of losing the right settings. In addition, logistical issues are still to be managed well, grandiose or not, whatever the celebration. Having beautiful greenery in all its surroundings is also the reason that pushes more people to opt for an outdoor party. Once night falls, you will be able to enjoy the stars, put various activities on the program and make the most of it.  For example, launch lanterns. There will be almost no need for a ventilation system since everyone will be able to enjoy the natural wind and other conditions.

Buy or rent a reception tent?

The reception tent, marquee, barnum or gazebo is ideal for outdoor events. It is used to receive a large number of guests in any event. In order to purchase one, it is important to know that several types are available on the market. There is a simple model that can protect the guests from the bright sun. Several other models are intended for a reception in the garden. Finally, an outdoor marquee is the most indicated model for a wedding or a wine reception. One can then buy one that can meet everyone’s needs. It is often used by event organizers. However, anyone can buy one that suits their needs. The price is affordable for everyone. But it is also possible to rent one. This alternative is even more economical.

A tent for all tastes

An arbor can be used for an outdoor event with a specific theme. For example, for an Indian style wedding, a tepee model can be used. In a wedding, the feast follows the dinner. It is the moment to dance under a luminous track protected by a tent called “let’s dance”. Otherwise, a nomadic party is very easy to organize. A tent for this kind of themed event is easy to find. Need a cosy atmosphere? Why not opt for a simple arbour? This one is easy to set up, practical, chic and completely economical. Other types of tents are also available on the market. There is something for every taste: wedding or pep event, intimate, fairy-tale, sophisticated, etc…

How to choose the right gazebo?

The selection of a reception tent is based on several criteria. First of all, you must define the type of event to be organized outdoors and then highlight the theme. Next, you will count the number of guests who will be present. Based on this, we will choose the ideal model with the necessary surface, structures, shape and measurements. But be careful, the quality of the canvas must be taken into account. The choice for a rental or a purchase is based on the budget of each one. Another alternative is to erect your own tent and purchase the necessary materials. However, this can take a little longer than installing a prefabricated model.

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