Tips for organizing a garden party

Published on : 19 January 20214 min reading time

Birthday, baby birth, engagement or wedding, there is no lack of occasions to organize a party at home. The arrival of these beautiful days will make the garden an ideal place to receive guests. With a successful decoration, neat facilities and succulent meals, it is no longer necessary to rent a party room and spend a large amount of money. Moreover, having an outdoor party offers an unparalleled atmosphere for young and old alike. In summer, autumn or winter, it is possible to organize and hold a successful party in the garden.

How to succeed in decorating the garden?

The success of a garden party depends essentially on the success of the decoration. Thus, this step should not be neglected. Everyone has their own tastes in terms of decoration, but ideally it is advisable to define a theme or an atmosphere according to the event to be celebrated. This makes it easy to find the essential accessories to decorate the place. Whether it’s a simple aperitif with colleagues and friends, a family meal or a big ceremony, the garden can be transformed into a real luxurious space full of conviviality. For example, different kinds of garlands can be used to add color to the party. For an outdoor party, there is nothing better than a brightly colored decoration to contrast the greenery of the garden. The garden party decoration is important because it serves to bring all the guests together in an exceptional setting. Indeed, it is the element that will provide a good atmosphere during the event. For any type of outdoor party, nothing beats garlands. By choosing the right models, they allow you to decorate the space on a small budget. Using the garland of pennants is also a way to embellish the garden without breaking the bank. As an example, you can install a candy bar or make a decor in the style of a wine bar. Pennants and garlands are timeless decorative accessories for outdoor parties. The candy bar is also a good idea to organize a garden party. Simply adapt the concept according to the type of event and the guests.

Some essential elements for decoration

In addition to the candy bar, it is also necessary to install tables and chairs so that guests can take their place from time to time. In order to protect the guests from bad weather, it is more clever to install tables and chairs under tents or marquees. When it comes to decoration, paper objects are very popular because they are practical, easy to find and inexpensive. There is a wide range of outdoor party decorations on the market. Among these objects, Japanese lanterns are a good choice. They are available in white or multicolored. Lanterns are also ideal to bring a festive atmosphere to a garden party. Then, many people choose the honeycomb paper hangers and tissue paper pompoms for a touch of refinement to the space. All these decorative elements can be hung on trees, from one tree to another with a wire, on the ground to light an alley, on tables, on tents…in short, everywhere in the garden.

What about the pool?

During a garden party, some guests like to spend a fun time in the pool. In this case, it is advisable to think about preparing it before the reception. The first thing to do is to clean the pool by removing leaves and other debris. Once the water and pool are cleaned, it is important to check the lighting, especially if the party is going to extend into the evening. The pool must have effective lighting so that people can swim safely. This adds a pleasant atmosphere to the party. It is possible to install temporary lights on each side of the pool and even better, floating lights in the water for a more refined and attractive decoration. Above all, don’t forget to install enough seats so that all guests can relax comfortably after their swim.

Food and entertainment

These are essential elements in the organization of a party. When it is a special party or a particular event, it is best to contact a caterer to prepare the meals. This allows you to keep your guests busy instead of spending your time preparing the food. In addition, most caterers offer different formulas depending on the theme and the situation: buffet, cocktail, dinner, barbecue, etc. In terms of entertainment, there are several possibilities for outdoor parties, whether to entertain adults or children. And to top it all off, we mustn’t forget the music. A party without music will be too ordinary. It is even interesting to use a DJ to liven up the party.

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