The benefits of the jacuzzi

A first received idea when it comes to the Jacuzzi is the feeling of well-being it provides. Indeed, this mini pool allows you to dive into hot water up to 33°C. By this fact, one makes oneself massaged the body by hydrojets and bubbles of water with relaxing virtues. Thus, this device is referred to as balneotherapy and thalassotherapy equipment. However, in addition to its relaxing effects, a session in a whirlpool bath still has many advantages. It acts on the psychological level, beauty and especially on health. Hence, the interest to deepen one's knowledge on the subject.

The psychological benefits of the Jacuzzi

It's obvious that the jacuzzi promises relaxing effects, as soon as you get into the hot water. When you're relaxed, it eliminates all the stress and anxiety you experience in your daily life. Moreover, it is guaranteed that after the session, you will feel much better in yourself. This is why people with a tendency to depression or those who have difficulty sleeping are highly recommended to try the spa or whirlpool. Indeed, it must be said that the hot water, whatever the temperature required, in addition to the massaging jets, ensure absolute relaxation of body and mind. You will then feel much lighter and ready to face the daily routine with much more strength. It is precisely in this perspective that balneotherapy cures are becoming more and more popular. They treat problems related to stress and depression.

The virtues of whirlpool baths on beauty

The benefit of the Jacuzzi on beauty is less known compared to others. However, it should be known that it is very beneficial for individuals suffering from skin problems such as acne, eczema, cellulite and many others. This natural remedy spares the use of non-effective products on the market. Also, it will prevent irritation contrary to what many may think. Certainly, the session in a whirlpool bath will improve the condition of the skin in addition to its relaxing effect. It sometimes happens that skin ailments are the result of stress problems. In this case, it is necessary to consider this solution to get rid of all the daily worries.

When does a spa session have an impact on health?

It is important to know that hot water can help fight many ailments. This is even more effective with hydrojets than the jacuzzi promises. In this way, several health problems can be treated, namely muscle and joint pain. This is the case for back and neck pain as well as arthritis and osteoarthritis. By being massaged by the jets as well, blood and lymphatic circulation will be stimulated. This is then indicated for anyone suffering from heavy legs. Thanks to an even better blood circulation, the body will be able to easily eliminate the toxins gathered in the organism. In addition, individuals suffering from respiratory problems, such as asthma, are invited to do spa sessions. By the way, inhaling water vapor soothes and clears the respiratory system. Finally, some very positive effects to be expected are the treatment of digestive disorders, headaches and migraines.

Some recommendations to know

There are a few important points to know for those who are about to try hot tubs and hope to enjoy its benefits. First of all, to ensure a very good result, the water temperature must be properly adjusted. At the very least, it should not go below 33°C. But, the ideal is 37 and 38°C. Only in the summer, we will be able to adapt the temperature according to the weather. The duration of the session should not exceed 30 minutes. With a water temperature reaching 38°C, the time in the jacuzzi should not exceed 15 minutes. Afterwards, one can rest for 15 minutes as well before starting the second session. However, depending on individual preferences, the break may be extended to 30 minutes if the water is too hot. Furthermore, there are contraindications for a session in the spa. For example, no electrical appliances should be placed near the pool for fear of causing an electrocution. Otherwise, after having made a physical effort as well, you should take a break before diving into the pool. Caution for people undergoing medical treatment that may cause drowsiness, you should limit the sessions or decide to be accompanied. In addition, after drinking alcohol, it is best to avoid taking a whirlpool bath as this could be very dangerous.  In some situations, it is even better not to use the spa, even with all precautions. This is the case for pregnant women and children. The same is true for people with blood pressure, circulation problems, diabetes, heart disease and infectious diseases.
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