Night party in the garden: our decoration ideas for a magical evening!

We generally appreciate the sun and the heat of the summer which extends late in the day and that all occasions are good to be celebrated in the garden in the evening. Decoration is the focal point that gives it a special dimension and a magical atmosphere is easier to create with a theme. The choice of colors, lighting and table presentation also forms a not insignificant whole if you want to have a perfect harmony. Here are some beautiful decoration ideas to get inspired.

A theme that resembles the guests, for a unique universe shared with the guests

The theme is important in all decorations, not only does it serve as a common thread, but it evokes the passions that we want to share with our guests. If generally little girls love to bathe in a fairy-tale fashion, it is not uncommon to make them travel in a decor full of unicorns. A globetrotter likes to take his friends and family to one of the places that has marked him, through the amusing meal taken near a big fire for a convivial moment for example. The sound of the crackling fire or the light of the bamboo torches add the perfect touch. In any case, an escape during a reception is the ultimate goal at a party, so you might as well opt for the exotic one with a touch of zenitude. A theme evocative of nostalgia or a desire for a vacation in an exotic setting will surely linger for a long time after the ceremony. This style stands out for its natural character, which is meant to be soothing in an environment of well-being. Whatever your preference, the most important thing is to brighten up the place with accessories in line with the theme, such as large format lights in the shape of plants or animals, or cocktails in flip-flops or on a surfboard.

Each occasion has its own decoration, to avoid contrasts

Loulou's birthday does not have the same layout as the commemoration of the parents' wedding day. The garden party to wish a teenager a happy birthday can have a "tiki bar" with glasses and cups while the latter can be a cart full of cups and glasses with a bucket full of ice cubes for a wedding anniversary. Alternatively, this garden party can be made more romantic with the crates on a table and a small slate with love words placed in front to refer to the drinks. If your garden is on a terrace, celebrating Christmas there fits the occasion well, just opt for dried flowers in addition to plants and artificial flowers. Palm leaf wreaths hung on the windows are a good Christmas ornament, especially since they are in perfect harmony with the cosy comfort of the Nordic style. Opting for colors highlighting the vintage look of the furniture and the cocooning touch with the chair covers and drapes gives this corner a warm universe. The table decoration for Christmas can therefore be very different from the one dedicated to the celebration of the sacraments, whereas a successful garden party usually has balloons that match the festive spirit, in addition to the traditional tissue paper pompom.

Each color has its own symbol, it can be chosen according to the desired effect

If the colors reflect effects, it is because each one has one or more meanings and so that there is no unpleasant contrast, the choice must be made with a little common sense. Often white evokes the simplicity and elegance that this tone always responds, it also symbolizes the neutral color. When you want softness and relaxation, you can associate it with beige, while combining it with yellow for weddings, birthdays or parties, you get good mood, joy and radiance. Yellow is a good choice to embellish a beautiful table as with flowers of such color. This alliance of colors at the special "wedding, christening or Christmas" garden party goes well with gray and light blue if you want diversity. On the other hand, depending on the theme, monochrome color schemes are less complicated to achieve if you prefer to harmonize in a monochrome way. For a shade that is a little too strong, altering the red until you gradually get the rose also works. On the other hand, for a more sympathetic purpose, such as a babyshower, a birthday or a dinner with friends, the rainbow is a good mixture. This mix is perfect for table confetti and candy bar to create a harmonious whole composed of multicolored elements. Moreover these products like all the others present online are often subject to discount when excluded web.

Well-chosen lights, a guarantee of the atmospheric atmosphere

To intelligently create a garden decoration to welcome guests requires a good choice of lighting type. Garlands of light bulbs are typical of parties, in addition to relaxing the atmosphere, they also brighten it up. Tender them between the trees or on the ceiling of the garden shed to complement the led candles or bottles of light as a decoration birthday table looks like a starry sky and when the garland is of soft color, we have a more poetic atmosphere. Of course the lanterns represent a change of scenery, even more so when they are placed as a delimitation of certain areas. But when you want to make a garden party on the theme of picnic, the table nicely set up with gingham tablecloth is the first step. To entice guests into a country style, illuminating the top with glass bottles containing LED microphones looks like a night where fireflies glow in the dark. So there are many ways to make lighting fixtures more design-oriented and before settling on particular garden decoration ideas, the secret of success is to first find the right location with a good light source. Thus, hanging under a pergola at different heights colored lanterns in accordance with the chosen theme personalizes a Christmas party and table decoration.

The table is a focal point that makes the evening aesthetically and visually pleasing

We like to move our dining room to the beach, but not everyone is so lucky, they can take advantage of their beautiful lawn behind the house to spread out carpets where we add cushions comfortably soft. Guests are invited to sit on them around the nicely erected pallets with mismatched dishes from a certain era. Those who are not very affiliated with the bucolic cachet married to the bohemian style have however the possibility to opt for an antique furniture, but with a touch of originality. It is enough to display it with flat natural wooden logs to welcome candles in glass jars, the goal is to make the birthday table decoration more warm. The most representative of these outdoor evenings on the bucolic theme is after all the simplicity of the raw wood table. It is made even more natural with the table containing dragees of the same material as in the time of the old merchants. For more charm, better opt for table runners and napkins and an abundance of flowers in a restyled metal milk jug as a centerpiece vase.
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