How do you arrange the surroundings of your pool?

The swimming pool is a space of relaxation in the middle of the garden, a place of life in its own right. More than just a swimming area, it is a real outdoor decorative element. But to make the pool much more pleasant to live in and to give your garden some character, think about the layout of the contours of your swimming area. Here are a few practical and effective tips for landscaping a pool area.

Installing a terrace and pool surround

The swimming season is coming. Wintering is coming to an end. All pool owners are currently in the process of launching their swimming pools. In order for your pool to become a real place of relaxation, inviting you to relax, do not forget to arrange its contours well. Indeed, a swimming pool is not limited to its light blue waters, its surroundings are also part of this relaxation area. First of all, install a pool terrace. It makes your pool more aesthetic and makes your stay by the pool more pleasant. It is the perfect place to have a coffee or lunch with your family. As for the swimmers, the pool deck, as the terrace is also called, allows them to relax and enjoy the sunshine around the pool after an open-water swimming race. After the terrace comes the pool coping. It delimits the shape of an underground pool. Then, it allows divers to walk on the edges of your diving area in complete safety. Available in different shapes: straight, oval, rounded, the pool coping can also be transformed into a real decorative element. However, it is wise to choose the right materials for the coping stone and the pool deck. In general, these outdoor pool surrounds are made of wood, stone or concrete. To avoid the risk of slipping, opt for a non-slip covering.

Installing furniture around the pool area

To make your swimming area look exactly like a place to rest and relax, equip its surroundings with beautiful furniture. In this respect, nothing is more aesthetic than garden furniture. It is a good alternative to arrange and decorate a swimming pool. It will become a real hymn to laziness. In addition, the garden furniture will not go unnoticed in the middle of your green space. When we talk about the development of the surroundings of a swimming pool, we immediately think of the deckchairs, furniture both functional and decorative. They allow the swimmers to relax and sunbathe after a diving session. Only, it is necessary to choose well your swimming pool furniture. As outdoor equipment, garden furniture and deckchairs are often exposed to climatic aggressions, especially bad weather. You must therefore choose a resistant model. To help you, a leather deckchair will be perfect for relaxing in the sun.

Outdoor swimming pool design: plants adapted to swimming

It is quite possible to create a tropical atmosphere in the heart of the garden by growing plants and shrubs around your pool. To quickly transform your diving area into an urban oasis, think of palm and olive trees. They can bring a touch of greenery to the surroundings of your pool. Next, choose trees and shrubs with resistant foliage. This is to prevent all the leaves from ending up in the pond water. Then, plant trees that are resistant to the sun. Also, make sure that the vegetation is suitable for swimming. For example, avoid thorny plants that could be dangerous for bathers, creating sores. To avoid unpleasant surprises, also choose species that are not toxic to children. On the other hand, you can plant plants with an intoxicating scent to eliminate insects, especially mosquitoes. To help you, choose rosemary and lavender. To embody the spirit of a "Mediterranean garden", also think of palm trees. Moreover, they require a little maintenance and their roots will not press against the pipes of your bathing area. In addition to plants, flowers also have the power to brighten up your garden during the summer season. To help you, agapanthus is perfect to arrange the edges of a swimming pool, a true ornament, by the shades of blue to white. Then comes the hibiscus. This flower is characterized by its multicolored bloom, pink, red, blue and white. Moreover, the bloom renews itself until autumn. One of the great advantages of all these plants rests on the fact that they can be cultivated in pot. Nowadays, there are also artificial vegetations for swimming pool. They are particularly resistant and require almost no maintenance.

 Outdoor swimming pool lighting: lights for night baths

Installing lighting on the edges of a pool is a matter of safety and aesthetics. First of all, light allows you to mark the contours of your swimming pool. It avoids the risk of accidental falls. Secondly, pool lighting helps to highlight the pool and its contours. Thanks to the light, your diving area will not go unnoticed even in the middle of the night. In addition to its aesthetic aspect, a well-lit pool also allows you to enjoy your diving area for a long time. You can swim in it during the day as well as at night. However, for the light to be able to keep all its promises, it must be perfectly integrated into your pool layout. The LED bulbs can be used not only in the home pool, but also in the surroundings of your bathing area. In addition, the service life of LED lamps is much longer than that of traditional incandescent bulbs. Not only that, LED spotlights are very waterproof. They are very weatherproof. Finally, LED light bulbs are economical as they have low power consumption.

Install a pergola around your swimming pool

To set up a lazy corner in the middle of your garden, install a pergola near your swimming area. The structure allows you to create a resting area, in a cool environment, right next to the pool. You can also put some of your garden furniture inside your pergola: garden furniture, armchairs, coffee table. You will be well sheltered from the sun. Nowadays, the pergola is more and more modernised to become bioclimatic. However, it is necessary to choose a resistant and aesthetic material. With this in mind, the wooden pergola stands out by its robustness. It will thus be able to accompany you over the years. Then, wood brings an authentic touch to your outdoor layout. What's more, the material can be given an infinite number of colors. The only downside is that the wooden pergola requires regular maintenance. For good reason, it is less resistant to the elements. You can then install an aluminum pergola near your pool. This installation brings a contemporary touch to your garden and diving area. In addition, aluminum is very resistant to climatic aggressions since it does not rust. Finally, it is available in different colors and requires almost no maintenance.
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