Healthy grilling: why not try the vertical barbecue or the plancha this summer?

Summer is approaching, and the vacations are fast approaching. Would you like to share or create a good atmosphere with your family, friends, or colleagues? A barbecue at home or in the garden is very convivial. As equipment, you can use the barbecue or the plancha. Health is very important in our lives, that's why you should use healthy grills to keep it.

The barbecue and the plancha, what is it?

The barbecue or BBQ is a utensil used to make grilled food. The food is then placed on a grill for cooking. They are in direct contact with the flame. A barbecue consists of a hearth, a base, one or two grease trays, one or two cooking grids. The plancha is a kitchen appliance used to cook food on a metal plate, vertical and smooth. What differentiates it from a classic barbecue is the grill and the plate. And a healthy grilling is above all done with good utensils.

What are the different types of vertical barbecues and plancha?

The barbecue is not always horizontal. The vertical barbecue has been created for years and has several types. Here are the different types of vertical barbecues:
  • Charcoal barbecues, or wood barbecues: it has a charcoal or wood fire. It is necessary to wait while cooking. You have to use an ash tray, and this will have to be emptied to keep the barbecue clean.
So this is a combustion barbecue: charcoal, or charcoal briquettes are used to cook the food, this is a traditional system. For food, which requires direct and quick cooking, you can simply use charcoal. On the other hand, the charcoal briquette is used for foods that require slower cooking.
  • Electric or gas barbecues: these appliances are equipped with gas fireplaces with black side burners and an electric resistance. But it does not give the smoky taste that many people appreciate.
In 2007, an inventor Raymond Gracia created the vertical barbecue. And his products bear his name like the raymond vertical barbecue, or the Somagic raymond barbecue equipped with a turbomagic which is used to make the effortless ignition of the appliance. This is a better vertical barbecue. There are also other types like the vertical biogrill barbecue. Thus, we can distinguish their types according to the number of plates: double plate or single plate models. For the plancha, we can distinguish it with the following elements. First, its energy source, it is used with gas, electricity, or coal. Then, the material of the plate that it is also constituted can define the category of the griddle, there is the plate made of cast iron, steel, or stainless steel which has a longer life. The common points between barbecue and griddle are, therefore, their source of energy. Traditionally, charcoal is used. But nowadays, electric or gas appliances are available.

What are the advantages of the vertical barbecue and the plancha?

The vertical barbecue is a better device for health. During cooking, the juices from the food, and the fats that run off do not fall on it. This can reduce the formation of sparks and the release of harmful smoke. It is also cleaner because juice and fat are not burned off. It is faster and easier to clean. It is more convenient to use. First of all, by the plancha the cooking is done by contact on a plate. So it preserves the juice and flavor of the food. And, the food is not in direct contact with the flames. Moreover, you can use it inside in a corner of the kitchen than outside in your garden. The plancha can also satisfy you for a large number of guests.

How to choose the vertical barbecue?

In order to choose a vertical barbecue, you need to know the following elements If you use it often outdoors: in this case, you should choose a barbecue that is easy to transport and easy to install. The electric barbecue is not practical if you go out for a picnic, as it requires electric current. For picnics, the ideal device is the portable barbecue from Weber. Consider the budget you have: you need to know all the barbecue prices to have the best choice. Vertical barbecue prices vary depending on the model. Define its scope of use: if you are an owner, who produces large numbers of grills, choose a barbecue that has a good longevity and increased capacity. A model of medium capacity and size is sufficient if you use the barbecue with friends or family. So what are the criteria for choosing a barbecue? It is necessary to know the criteria of choice in order to have the best appliance adapted to your needs.
  • The qualities of the charcoal fireplace: the fireplace plays a very important role for the barbecue. It is necessary to check the guarantees of important duration of the fireplace and the thickness of the metal used. The resistance of the fireplace is proportional to the thickness of the metal. There is the raymond vertical fireplace. You can opt for the wood vertical fireplace.
  • The materials used: the barbecue is made of metal or stainless steel. The latter has a longer life span and is easy to clean.
  • The different types of cooking: to prepare different dishes with the same barbecue, you must choose the models that offer you all types of cooking.
  • The accessories it includes: there are many kitchen utensils and accessories that can accompany a barbecue, but they are not included in the purchase. In fact, you can choose the models that have more accessories. You can also choose the weber barbecue accessory.

How to make your barbecue grills healthier?

For a successful picnic, a nice grill can satisfy your loved ones. But how do you do it? Here are some tips to make it healthier. Whether you use a barbecue or a plancha, first of all, you have to set the temperature right. You can monitor it with a thermometer. If possible, don't go above 250°C to avoid the risk of food burning when grilling. In addition, be careful to choose the ingredients you use. If possible, avoid the use of over-industrialized ingredients, as they can lead to several illnesses. You can choose fish, chicken, vegetables or fruit. And according to studies, eating all four of these elements at the same time when barbecuing can also reduce the risk of cancer. And what should we do about the preparation method? It is important to marinate the meat beforehand to kill the bacteria that form in its peripheral part. Marinating can also give your food more flavour. Finally, opt for a vertical barbecue, because this gives you many advantages and it is rather a healthy barbecue. In short, to have a healthier diet and good grilling, you have the choice between the vertical barbecue and the plancha as a material. It depends on where you are going to use it, your taste and of course your budget. But the sorting of the food to be grilled is also important for your health.
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