Giving a “midsummer’s eve” spirit to my exterior: with which accessories?

The sun, the summer, flowers of all colors ... the "midsummer’s eve" spirit is synonymous with conviviality, celebration and sharing in the heart of an equally pleasant setting. Whether you want to spend lively evenings with a good glass of wine in your hands or to enjoy a dinner with family or friends, it is entirely possible to give a midsummer’s eve atmosphere to your outside. Whether in the backyard, on the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace, just use the right accessories to create a midsummer’s eve decor. This rustic atmosphere is of interest to many professionals and private individuals. It conveys a warm image and invites you to a change of scenery. To enjoy vacations and days off, nothing beats such a lively and relaxing spirit. How to create it and simply enjoy the beautiful days? Here are the essential accessories to give a "midsummer’s eve" spirit to your exterior.

A red and white checkered tablecloth

The masterpiece of all the midsummer’s eve decorations remains the famous Vichy motif. Whatever table you are going to use, as long as you spread a red and white checkered tablecloth on it, your decoration will be a success. This tablecloth will set the tone for your exterior. It goes with all colors and especially with the sun that summer promises. You will be able to decorate your table with some country bouquets by opting for a white vase. This color offers the advantage of creating an atmosphere that is both chic and cheerful. You can also use milk jugs. These are very trendy when it comes to creating a "midsummer’s eve" atmosphere. To perfect your decoration, don't hesitate to add a few flags here and there. The choice of colors and patterns depends entirely on your tastes and desires. To get an idea of how to store them, many models are available on pinterest. You can get inspiration from the images published there and find out more or less how to set your table. The most important thing is to use the Vichy tablecloth. Table runners can also bring a touch of "midsummer’s eve" to your exterior.

From garlands to multicolored bulbs

To give a "midsummer’s eve" spirit to your exterior, light must be an essential accessory in your decoration. The ideal is to use garlands with multicolored bulbs. The idea is to put as many colors as possible in your decoration. The more color there is, the more the evening promises to be warm. You can also use LED or solar lighting. The main goal is to brighten up your terrace and illuminate it enough without using other light sources. For the pitches, the choice is wide. You can put them on the trees, in the alleys, on the roof or hang them on the outside wall. Whether you cross them to create shapes or install them in a straight line, it's up to you to give life to the decor that suits you. It is also possible to create a kind of luminous roof that will illuminate the garden table you have chosen for the occasion. To further embellish your terrace or garden without overdoing it, don't hesitate to place a few luminous lanterns on each side of the lot. Your garden has a small waterfall? Lighting can only make the atmosphere more convivial. Don't hesitate to use as many lights as possible. They will help you appreciate the beauty of the night and will be in perfect harmony with the light reflected by the stars.

Furniture on pallets

To fully appreciate the summer, nothing is more pleasant than spending convivial evenings in the garden, admiring the lights that dress it and fully enjoy the "midsummer’s eve" spirit inspired by the decoration. How can you do it? In addition to the installation of the light garlands, the pennants placed on either side and the tiled tablecloth, the use of the pallet furniture allows you to give a more "midsummer’s eve" atmosphere to your outside. You will be able to place a pallet counter in a corner. Drinks will be deposited there, which will take the form of a small bistro worthy of a real village bar. You can either leave the furniture in its original color or paint it white or another color that you or your guests might like. Don't hesitate to add bistro chairs nearby for an even better look. If the bar doesn't suit you too well, you can use palette tables to set up the dining area. You can put them on a platform to make them higher or make a coffee table. Either way, the results are still impressive. The choice of wood evokes above all a rustic style, ideal to create a "midsummer’s eve" spirit. In addition, the pallets offer the advantage of being reusable at will. You will be able to create various pieces of furniture with only a few pallets.

Authentic table brands

If you want to give your exterior a quaint look to impress your guests, the best way is to create handmade table brands. This will make them feel special and bring a touch of authenticity to your decoration. You will be able to make menus with a Vichy motif. You can also use cardboard paper and try to mention the name of the guest. The ideas are numerous. The most important is to create brands that will be unique and that do not go out of the box. To make them feel even more special, you can add placemats where you put sweet words to their attention. You can also put them in your place. To perfect your decoration, you can place them on a thread and hang them with wooden clips.

Retro decorative elements

The ambiance of the midsummer’s eve can be partly created with retro accessories. It can be one of a few inflatable balloons placed in the trees or jars of jam filled with wild flowers. You can also create windmills that you will place everywhere. In flower pots, in the grass, on lanterns, these accessories can give a touch of originality to your decoration. In addition to the centerpiece that is the Vichy tablecloth, the furniture to build the dining area and the light garlands, whether it is a garland led or solar bulb, retro decorative elements are essential. The choice of the latter can however vary according to the occasion. If it is a birthday party, you can put flags on which you will write the age of the person concerned or his date of birth. For a wedding, you can use old bottles of champagne or put a photo of the bride and groom. If it's just a simple desire to give your exterior a "midsummer’s eve" spirit, then the choice is yours to place a swing to enjoy the sunset or create a bench filled with hay bales. You can also avoid the tables and spread the tablecloth directly on the lawn. To prevent the tablecloth from flying away, you can block its corners with lanterns or lamp posts. Pretty little stones can also take over. The results will be even more beautiful.
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