Choosing your boards according to the surface area of the deck

In addition to the material, it is really essential to choose your deck boards carefully for technical and aesthetic reasons. Many sizes of deck boards are available on the market, and it is possible to consider the surface area of your deck before purchasing the boards.

What sizes of decking boards are commercially available?

There are many different types and models of decking boards on the market. Thermo-heated wood, composite, exotic wood, smooth or grooved boards. The size of the deck board is to be chosen according to your taste and the maintenance to be done. In any case, you should not forget an equally important aspect: the dimensions of the deck board. Often, boards sold on the market will be 14 cm to 14.5 cm wide, 20 to 30 m long and 20 to 21 mm thick. However, the dimensions are variable. For example, it is possible to find boards with the following dimensions : For hardwoods: the length is between 2 m to 3.5 m. For softwoods: the length is between 2.70 m and 6 m or more. Often there is no length less than 270 cm for technical reasons. For exotic woods: the length is between 0.95 m up to more than 6 m, some of them can reach 6.70 m. For composite wood: the length is between 2 m and 4 m.

How to choose the length of the boards?

For a cheap decking board, the best thing to do is to choose the standard dimensions, knowing that longer boards are hard to find and therefore more expensive. But for aesthetic and technical reasons, many people look for the "ideal" dimensions. It is important to know that the longer the blades are, the fewer butt joints and therefore fewer visible cutting lines. Long planks are therefore preferable for a terrace with a large surface area, the aesthetic result will be more interesting. However, shorter boards will give movement to the deck. If the butt joints are well made, it is possible to obtain a nice effect. In addition to the visual and aesthetic aspect, there are various criteria to consider when choosing the length of the boards: The technicality of installation: long boards are less straight than short boards. They are also heavy and difficult to handle. Their installation can therefore be difficult, especially if it is not carried out by an expert in the field. In this case, the use of a blade clamp is recommended in order to maintain the long boards during installation. Transporting the boards: in addition to being heavy, long boards are cumbersome. They are therefore more expensive to transport. Scraps : In order to avoid a high rate of falls, it is essential to take into account the surface area of the terrace. Thus, it is better to take a maximum length of 3.30 m for a small terrace of 3 m x 3 m. The choice of the length of the boards is therefore really difficult. In order not to make a mistake, do not hesitate to ask for professional advice. The latter will consider the dimensions of the terrace and the technical constraints in order to minimize falls and facilitate installation.

Other criteria to choose your deck boards

The dimensions of the blades are not the only point to be taken into account. Before purchasing this deck covering, you should also look at the following points: The material: This is where the durability of the boards, their resistance to weathering, sunlight, dirt and wear and tear, and their durability depend. Among the choices available are teak, treated wood, exotic woods, composites, gratings, etc. The type of installation: there is screwed installation and clip-on installation. Purchase cost: the price of deck boards varies according to the type of material chosen, the surface to be covered, the length of the boards and the cost of labor. Thus, various criteria must be considered when choosing your deck boards.
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